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Scripts Downloads

 21)   Easy HTML To Any Script Converter 3.0.0
Easy HTML To Any Script Converter provides fast and easy conversion of HTML Files and HTML Blocks to any Script. Also you can use it for encrypting the email addresses with JavaScript for preventing any access to them by spam-bots.
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size:0.23 MB

 22)   AutoFollowup 80328-1129
Follow up with customers, sending them unlimited autoresponders with a personal touch. Administrate all autoresponders from any web browser, adding unlimited letters and unlimited lists.
License:Commercial, 19.95 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 23)   iAward 60813-0811
Allow users to sign up for an award on your site. You will have the opportunity to approve or reject the site and they will be sent the code automatically to place the award image on their home page.
License:Commercial, 12.99 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 24)   SiteShadow 50821-2052
SiteShadow pulls information from other web sites, and places it within your own content as if it were your own. Put a favourite web site on your own web site, changing graphics, header, footer, or names.
License:Commercial, 11.99 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 25)   Text Chart Tranposer 1.0
This tranposer script will convert text chord charts (the kind popular to guitar players), and tranpose them up or down any number of half-steps.
License:Commercial, 14.95 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 26)   Bible in One Year 50303-1645
Another script for your church site: this allows your congregation to read through the Bible in a year, either by visiting your site each day, or subscribing to the RSS feed.
License:Commercial, 4.95 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 27)   IPBanshee 1.0
IP Banshee is your all-in-one cloaking solution. It generates cloaked content based on a list of the top 100 keywords for a Main Keyword Phrase. Our software then literally makes all your cloaked content into 100+ Keyword rich pages, for the SERPS!
License:Commercial, 500.00 USD to buy Size:0.01 MB

 28)   CoffeeCup Navigation Factory 2.0
Navigation Factory makes it easy to add all-in-one navigation to your website. You can customize the loading message before the applet appears; use gradient backgrounds; put images in your applets; make pop-up hints and more!
License:Shareware, 29 USD to buy Size: MB

 29)   Domino Counter 2.2
Domino Counter is a 100 percent Domino solution to putting Web counters on pages.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: MB

 30)   Online Store Creator Modules Edition 2.5
Feature for feature, Online Store Creator is one of the most powerful eCommerce Solutions in the world. You can add a shopping cart to any existing website, automate your accounting, warehouse, inventory control and reporting.
License:, 199.00 USD to buy Size: MB

 31)   ROI Web Site Traffic 1.4.64
Online service for calcuating return on investments put into advertising. Effective system and affordable pricing. Automatic code generation. Convenient and easy-to-use Web interface of admin area with step-by-step wizard for advertisement campaigns.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: MB

 32)   BookViewer Styles 1.0
BookViewer can be skinned with lots of different styles. This download includes a number of styles to choose from. Simply indicate which style you wish to appear with this book at the top of the books text file.
License:Commercial, 10.94 USD to buy Size: MB

 33)   XUpload Pro 3.0
XUpload - AJAX upload progress bar indicator for web based file uploads written on Perl. XUpload lets you to accept file uploads on your website and shows upload progress bar which is showing upload progress bar. Will work on any hosting.
License:Shareware, 37 USD to buy Size:0.01 MB

 34)   Jmusic 2.0
A flash-based music player for your website.
License:Commercial, 59.99 USD to buy Size:0.11 MB

 35)   AFU Plugins 30214-1141
These scripts combine with Auto FollowUp. AFU allows people to subscribe to the autoresponder by email, but this collection contains a script that will actually answer an email! It will respond to email subscribe and unsubscribe requests.
License:Commercial, 14.95 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 36)   AFU Form Submit 40531-0940
This script gives you form processing power! Request any information from your user and have it emailed to you automatically in text and HTML format.
License:Commercial, 19.99 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 37)   FileCABINET 50722-2130
FileCABINET is a full featured shopping cart database ideal for software. We use this script at Intelliscript. net. Implement any pay system into it easily, enable RSS feeds, Froogle reports, OPML, instant PAD files, Customer Reviews, and more.
License:Commercial, 44.99 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 38)   PostCard 56028.2134
Send a postcard to a friend with this script.
License:Commercial, 5.99 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 39)   RoomReservation 40316-0830
If you are the type of organisation which makes rooms available to the public, this online reservation tool may be for you.
License:Commercial, 19.99 USD to buy Size:0 MB

 40)   Link Engine 1.0
This link engine lets an administrator post URLs to an administration page along with titles and descriptions. They can be sorted by category in a plain view, or searched and filtered based on keywords and categories.
License:Commercial, 9.99 USD to buy Size:0 MB

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