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Software Development Downloads

 61)   Bluetooth Framework ActiveX 5.2.2
The communication library allows to you to add support of the Bluetooth, IrDA, Serial ports and ActiveSync for your applications. Implements OPP,FTP,SPP profiles (server and client), sending and receiving SMSs and lots of usefull features.
License:Shareware, 90 USD to buy Size:0.95 MB

 62)   Paper Label Maker 1.10
Paper-Label-Make is a professional software for printing paper labels, such as address labels, letterheads, flyers, file brochures, software and product labels. The software prints paper labels with high degree of accuracy in plenty styles
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size:2.98 MB

 63)   SourceFormatX Source Code Formatter 2.56
SourceFormatX is a professional source code formatter, source code beautifier for C, C++, Java, C#, Object Pascal, PHP, ASP, JSP, VB, VBNET, VBScript, JavaScript & HTC source code.
License:Shareware, 36.99 USD to buy Size:1.19 MB

 64)   CommLog for CE 0.3
CommLog of 5dtool is a freeware used for record and monitor the data from serial port of PocketPC. It would be useful for record data from total station, GPS and other rs232 device connected to PDA.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size:0.07 MB

 65)   QRCode Font 2.0.1
MW6 QRCode Fontware makes QRCode barcode creation extremely easy for your Windows application, your appication can print QRCode barcode using font. Win32 DLL encoder and .Net Class Library encoder are available.
License:Shareware, 199 USD to buy Size:0.22 MB

 66)   BinHexDec Converter 1.0
Use BinHexDec Converter to convert binary, hex and decimal values instantly!
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: MB

 67)   Chilkat Perl MHT Library 5.0
The Chilkat Perl MHT library provides an API for creating and unpacking MHT files.
License:Commercial, 149 USD to buy Size:2 MB

 68)   Toad for MySQL 4.0
Toad for MySQL leverages Quest Software's database expertise to empower MySQL developers and administrators, of varying skill levels, to rapidly create and execute queries, automate database object management and develop SQL code more efficiently.
License:Freeware, 0.00 USD to buy Size:30.86 MB

 69)   Java Launcher 3.10
Java Launcher is a powerful java tool and contains 9 launching features
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size:1.50 MB

 70)   General SQL Parser .NET version 1.9.8
Adds powerful sql processing capability to your program,including sql syntax check, beautify complex sql code with lots of customizable format options,identify various database objects and etc...
License:Shareware, 79.95 USD to buy Size:7.17 MB

 71)   Source Editor
A simple editor with text coloring. You can edit next types of files: Assembler(.asm, .inc), C/C++(.c, .cpp, .h), C#(.cs), Java(.java), Resources(.rc), XML (.xml, .config,...), CSS (.css), JavaScrip (.js), ASP.NET files (.aspx, .ascx...).
License:Freeware, 0.00 USD to buy Size:1.39 MB

 72)   Phone Tone Decoder 1.5
PhoneTone Decoder can decode the DTMF touch key, FSK Caller-ID, Baudot TTY Code, or any custom phone tone from the PCM wave file or wave stream. It can also detect silence, ring-back, busy or other phone tone. It has the high efficient FFT module.
License:Shareware, 89.0 USD to buy Size:1.84 MB

 73)   Chilkat Java MIME Library 3.1
The Chilkat Java MIME and S/MIME library provides an advanced API for creating and manipulating MIME and S/MIME messages.
License:Commercial, 149 USD to buy Size:2 MB

 74)   ExcelFile Viewer 1.79
This tool allow to read/open the MS Excel files. Application don't use any external libraries (no MS Excel/Office, no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO) You may view the data from any sheet in xls-file, trace the internal stored BIFF-records within xls-file.
License:Shareware, 20 USD to buy Size:1 MB

 75)   SignalLab VCL 3.1
Delphi/C++ Builder VCL components library for fast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and data visualization. Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code. Free for non-commercial use.
License:Shareware, 400 USD to buy Size:37.10 MB

 76)   MicroAsm - Free Assembler IDE 1.00
MicroAsm is Integrated Development Environment for assembly programming. It includes advanced source editor and 8086 assembler. MicroAsm has a much easier syntax than any of the major assemblers, a great combination for beginners!
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: MB

 77)   ecGraph 2.13
Powerful graphing ActiveX control to create graphs in a huge range of styles. Great for scientific or technical graphs. Do a graph with just a few lines of code. Manipulate the layout at runtime. Multiple graphs. Drag, zoom and scroll. Much more.
License:Shareware, 139 USD to buy Size:1.03 MB

 78)   TSampleDisplay3D 1.3
Delphi component for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP/Vista) software. It's purpose is to provide sample displaying functions like displaying the sample in 3D with configurable colors, making a selection, zooming, quick-play from click, etc...
License:Shareware, 67 USD to buy Size:3.31 MB

 79)   CMD2EXE 1.02
Similar to a batch file compiler, CMD2EXE can create an EXE file from one or more batch files.
License:Shareware, 20 USD to buy Size: MB

 80)   Sharp Zip Wrapper 1.01
Free .NET Zip Library that wraps Sharp Zip. Easily Zip/Unzip files and directories. A demo form is included in VB.NET and C#. Source code is included in VB.NET and C#.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size:0.50 MB

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