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    RM-to-MP3-Converter 2.0.2 - RM to MP3 Converter software, Convert RM to MP3, Convert RM to WAVE on-the-fly!

Size: 1.60 MB
License: Shareware
OS: Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003 ( more programs)
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Program system requirements: RealOne Player, Sound Card

New in this version: New release

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Publisher's Description:

     What is RM-to-MP3-Converter?

RM-to-MP3-Converter is for converting RM files (Real Media Files: *.rm, *.rmvb, *.ram, *.ra, *.rmj, etc.) to MP3 files.
It can also convert RM to WAV.

To convert RM to MP3, do according to the below steps:
Launch the software RM-to-MP3-Converter from your computer's "Start > Programs"
Select the optional item "Convert RM to MP3" on the window
Click the button "Set Parameters..." to set MP3 options and save it.
Click the button "Add RM Files to List" to browse and select RM files into the list box
Click the button "Save to Folder..." to browse and select a folder for saving output files.
Click the button "Convert..." to open the converting dialog.
Click the button "Start" on the converting dialog to start converting RM to MP3 and waitting for the procedure to be finished.

To convert RM to WAV, do the same steps as converting RM to MP3 except the following steps:
In the 2nd step, it should be choosed as "Convert RM to WAV".
In the 3rd step, it should be set WAV options rather than MP3.

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